Frequently Asked Questions

ScioLinks is a link shortening service where, unlike to other services of this type, visitors are not required to see any advertisements but to answer surveys. This allows significantly higher revenue for the publisher.

What is is a monetization platform for publishers, bloggers, influencers etc. You can use our tool to create links that will guide your users to a survey first and then, depending on whether they were successful or not, to other pages. You can set to which pages they should be forwarded if they persist, fail or come from a wrong country. You can also set the minimum earnings per survey.

What conditions do I need?

Above all, to make money from, you need a good incentive as to why your users should answer a survey. Unless it's friends and family or a strong community who want to do a favor to you, you need to be able to offer something to your users. Premium content, products, services or winning entries are ideal for this. There is no minimum requirement for traffic quantity with us.

How much can I earn?

How much you earn depends entirely on your traffic, the motivation of your users and your preferences. Basically, you can choose the minimum pay per interview of $ 0.35, $ ​​0.70, $ 1.10, or $ 1.50, which affects the maximum length of the survey. The average eCPM on our platform is around $ 210.00 and there are also publishers who have reached an eCPM of $ 500.00. Similarly, we also have publishers who reach just $ 50.00 per 1000 users, but offset this by a high number of users.

What are the payout conditions?

You will be paid on the 15th of the following month if the open balance exceeds the minimum payout requirements. These are $ 25 for PayPal and Skrill and $ 100 for bank transfers. If the balance does not exceed the minimum limits, it will be transferred to the next payment cycle.

What's the surveys lengths?

The surveys last on average for a maximum of 8, 15, 22, or 30 minutes, depending on the minimum compensation you have set for each answered survey in the link settings. Please note that these are the average values. A user can answer a survey faster or slower than the average. Likewise, the upstream surveys (demographic surveys) are not included in the average survey lenghts, as the length of the demographic survey depends on respondents' answers. Normally, this does not take longer than one to two minutes.

Where do the surveys come from?

The polls come from companies, brands, researchers, other market research institutes and from offices and authorities. These either use our own institute Gilhaus Research or brokerage platforms which we can also access.

I'm not from US / UK or Germany, can I still earn?

Yes, because what matters is not the country of origin of the publisher, but that of his users. You can easily redirect users who are not from US / UK / Germany in the link settings to an alternative URL.

How do the variables work?

You can append any variable to the end of our URL, it will be automticaly appended to the end of the URLs you defined in the link settings.

Example User ID and Timestamp:

You do not have to attach variables, but you can. Furthermore we always send the variable scio_l = "link_id" by every attempt. For successfully completed surveys we also send the variable scio_e = "earnings".


If you do not know what to do with it, you can safely ignore it.

May I incentivize my traffic?

Yes, of course you can incentivize your traffic.

May I send purchased traffic?

You can also send purchased traffic as long as it's in good quality. But keep in mind that inferior traffic can negatively affect your quality level.

What is my quality level?

The quality level is an internal ranking that exists for each account. You can not see your quality level and usually will not be informed about it. Your quality level can be influenced by many factors, including individual ones. However, you do not have to worry about it, if your quality level drops below a critical level, we'll let you know and work with you to find ways to improve your level. Should you ignore this, or should you be unable to increase your level for a period of time (usually 30 days), this may lead to the deletion of your account.

What effects does the beta phase have?

Since the beginning of the year 2018 we have been in a closed beta phase in which only a few selected publishers have used our service. We have used this phase to explore the potential of our service, to improve the basic functions and eliminate errors. Since the end of 2018 we are in the open beta phase. All basic functions are available and work without errors. Now it's time to get more publishers onto the platform and continue to develop this platform to your liking and needs.