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Don't think in cost per mille, think in revenue by individuals.

The concept of website monetization may be a bit difficult to grasp since typically, no hard currency is exchanged when people visit a website. However, if you have huge following chances are there are several companies that would be interested in reaching your audience. This is where website monetization comes in, which simply refers to the process of earning money from an existing traffic being sent to a particular website. Influencers can easily earn money by using the internet to create quality content that inspires, educates, informs, and even empowers their unique audience. Thankfully, the opportunity to make money from your website has never been greater.
And, for many, the primary goal is to make as much money as possible. That is why at ScioLinks we provide site operators with a potential approach to making money online that offers higher returns, which is through paid surveys.

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why choose us

ScioLinks is using the most powerful revenue stream that every influencer needs if they are to build content empires. Site operators can use our link tool to create an unlimited number of links that will guide their visitors to take up a survey. Depending on whether a user completes the survey or not, you can redirect them to where you want. Since you get paid by opinions rather than a flat fee, we can help you monetize anything, from premium content to special services, software to games, and even create offerwalls or donation campaigns. That way, you earn more money with each opinion. It's also important to use different levels of compensation to encourage users to participate in the surveys, and also achieve the best balance between usability and money making.


Our platform is suitable for anyone; whether a digital newbie or an expert. All site operators, including social media influencers, bloggers, app developers, service providers, website owners, and online shop owners can use our link either as a normal link or completely integrate it into their code.

High Returns

Our platform guarantees hundreds, if not thousands, times higher earnings than what is offered by traditional online revenue sources. We have partnered with hundreds of thousands of market research institutes, big brands, companies, researchers, and even authorities to provide the surveys. This means your income is never running low. Currently, the average eCPM on our platform is around $210.00, with some publishers making over $500.00 per 1000 users.

Easy Tasks

We already know that people hate complex and often irritating tasks like app installations, forced sign ups or newsletter subscriptions, which is why users will prefer something simple, good guided, and fun to do. Rewarded surveys are best suited here.

Minimal Requirements

All you need to make money from ScioLinks.com is a good incentive for your users to be encouraged to take the surveys, which can be in form of premium content, services, products, or even winning entries. We don't have any minimum requirement for traffic quantity as long as you create quality content.

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Consumer surveys are a great alternative to traditional monetization techniques and are worthwhile from the very first user. With us, you can start building your content empires today!

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