How to...

...create links:

  1. Go to Links -> Create new
  2. Enter a name and a description for your link
  3. Now enter your Success URL. Your users will be redirected to this URL once they have completed a survey.
  4. In the next step, enter a Termination URL, where your users will be redirected if they are filtered out of a survey and do not want to try again.
  5. As a last URL you need a Country Termination URL, to this link your users will be forwarded immediately, if they are not from the USA, the United Kingdom or Germany. Here it is advisable to enter an alternative source of income.

  6. Note that you can also enter the same URLs for all three fields or forward the users to the same alternative destination at termination and country termination. The entered URLs may of course also contain a query string. Variables sent by ScioLinks System will be appended.

  7. Now you can determine how high your minimum earnings per complete are. The higher this value, the longer the survey can take:

    Minimum earnings $ 0.35 $ 0.70 $ 1.10 $ 1.50
    Length of interview to approx. 8 min to approx. 15 min to approx. 22 min to approx. 30 min

  8. Click on 'Create Link' to create your Survey Link
  9. Your link will appear in a green alert box at the top, but you can also see it via Links -> List Links.

...manage Links

  1. Go to Links -> List Links
  2. In the overview you see at first glance the name, a part of the description, the daily earnings and traffic as well as of course the link itself.
  3. Furthermore you can see the buttons 'See more', 'Edit Link', 'See Statistics' and 'Delete Link'
    • See more: Here you can see the daily values ​​of earnings, traffic, country fails and earnings per complete. You will also see the complete description of your link and below the link itself the conversion rate. It shows the relationship between traffic and completes over the entire period since the link was created and is updated once a day. The conversion rate can vary greatly between publishers, depending on the particular business model.
    • Edit Link: Here you can revise all link settings, so you can completely change and customize your link without having to enter a new link everywhere.
    • See Statistics: Here you can see the daily traffic, completes, earnings and country fails data for the last 10 days. The respective link you have selected in the overview is now preselected here. You can change the chart by clicking on the colored boxes above the chart.
    • Delete Link: Here you can delete the corresponding link. Note that a deletion can not be undone, even the statistics of a deleted link are no longer available.

...use statistics

  • In the statistics you can see traffic, completes and earnings of the last 10 days
  • By default, 'All Links' is preselected, but you can also view the statistics for each link individually
  • You can change the presentation of the statistics by deactivating individual values ​​by clicking on the colored boxes above the chart
  • The statistics are based on Berlin time
  • The statistics of each day are in real time, to view the latest data, the page must be reloaded
  • The change of the day takes place at 00:00 Berlin time, but can shift slightly at high capacity