Suitable for anyone; whether a digital newbie or an expert.

High Returns

The average eCPM on our platform is around $ 210.00

Easy Tasks

Consumer surveys are simple, good guided, and fun to do.

Minimal Requirements

All you need to succeed is a good incentive for your users.

The most powerful revenue stream

Let’s talk about monetized opinions

Consumer surveys are a great alternative to traditional monetization techniques and are worthwhile from the very first user. Through us, you get direct access to the worlds biggest survey inventory. With us, you can reach the next level of website monetization!

Good reasons why to monetize with surveys

Paid questionnaires are climbing on the list of the preferred way for site operators to earn money on their blog posts and contents.

Faster and easier

Our link tool makes it very easy to integrate our survey router into any website, blog, shop or social media page.

Highly Rewarding

Our approach is beneficial to both the publisher and the user; you get paid while your user gets rewarded.


Unlike other monetization options, questionnaires provide a platform for users to have their opinions heard.


Users are more engaged by answering questions and get rewarded than by the most other rewarded tasks.

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Powered by hundreds of big brands and thousands of researchers

To get a better sense of what surveys are for, you should know what they are used for and who will benefit from them besides you and your users.


… need the results for their bachelor and master theses.


… adapt their products to the needs of the customers.


… use the data for election, health and behavior research.


… require numbers and data in all areas of science.

One insight is more worthy than a thousand impressions

Don’t think in cost per mille, think in revenue by individuals.

Giant Potential

Every company depends on market research in order to adapt its products to the customer.

Fast developements

Due to its importance, the field of market research is one of the fastest developing branches.


Market research is independent of economic fluctuations. Economic crises have no effects.


Companies research and develop all year round. Unlike ads, there are no bad months.

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