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How Website Monetization with Surveys Work

Creating a site that attracts a lot of traffic is awesome; however, traffic alone isn’t enough. The next step is to figure out how to turn those visitors into profits. Thankfully, the internet provides a number of ways for site operators like bloggers, publishers, and influencers, to make money from the traffic that passes through their site, including AdSense, infolinks, affiliate marketing, Ad space, and much more. However, at ScioLinks we believe that the one approach to monetizing your site that stands out in terms of potential and return is consumer surveys. As a monetization platform, we help site operators earn more revenue by using our tool to create links that will guide their users to answer a few questions before they can be able to access the site’s contents. Making money from your site sounds a bit complicated, but with the following information, you’ll be able to monetize your site’s content in no time.

What are Consumer Surveys?

These are simply questionnaires prepared by market researchers and experts. They are designed to acquire information from users about a certain product, industry, or brand. These questionnaires are often delivered in different ways such as through third-party providers. The questions are short and user-friendly, lasting on average a maximum of 8-30 minutes. However, the length of demographic questionnaires depends on the respondent’s answers, which normally take a minute or two.

Estimated Earnings

This entirely depends on your traffic, how motivated your users are, and your preferences. Depending on the time it takes to answer the questions, you can earn a minimum of $ 0.35, $ ​​0.70, $ 1.10, or $ 1.50 per answer. Currently, the average eCPM on our platform is around $ 210.00, but there are publishers getting as much as $ 600.00 and as low as $ 50.00.

How do they Work?

More and more site operators are implementing exclusive content access strategies to generate income. This involves adding paywalls, which requires users to pay some form of subscription fee to be able to access content. However, there’s an alternative that’s more pocket-friendly to users but still benefits site operators; the paid surveys. They work the same way as paywalls; blocking users from accessing your site’s contents. However, this website monetization technique only requires users to answer a few questions. The user can, however, choose to not answer the questions or skip others. So, what incentive can you offer to encourage your visitors? For starters, you can offer premium content, products, or winning entries to users who answer all questions.

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Paid questionnaires are climbing on the list of the preferred way for site operators to earn money on their blog posts and contents. Here’s why:

  • Interactive and fun: They are like a game, and as such most of your visitors will prefer reading and answering questions to waiting for an ad to finish, which is more engaging.
  • User-centric: Users need a different ad format, one that’s tailor-made for the user, more interactive, and less annoying. Unlike ads or videos that force users to watch what they offer, questionnaires provide a platform for users to have their opinions heard regarding a certain topic. For this reason, most people are more likely to take them, gaining you more money.
  • Non-Repetitive/Unpredictable: Your visitors don’t have to see the same thing day after day, which often gets boring after a while. Curiosity on what’s coming up next will push your users to participate in questionnaires more often.
  • Highly Rewarding: As we’ve seen before, this approach is beneficial to both the publisher and the user; you get paid while your visitors get access to premium content without having to spend a dime. Plus, they pay higher than other traditional ways of making money through a website.
  • Faster and easier: Users find it more convenient and faster to answer questions and get rewarded than wait for a video to end.

How to Get Started

The best way to incorporate this into your website monetization strategy is to work with a company like ScioLinks. We make it easier for you to create and manage links as well as use statistics to earn money with minimal headache. Powered by hundreds of researchers and big brands, ScioLinks is the most powerful revenue stream every site operator needs to increase their profits. Our link tool is suitable for everyone, whether a digital newbie or a tech expert. So, regardless of the quantity of your traffic, we can help you start earning today!